We’re in this together.

All the things that make our community so special didn’t happen by chance; it took all of us. During this uncertain and unfamiliar time, it will take all of us to weather this storm and eventually recover.

Our community is resilient, generous, and full of life. We come together when it is most important, and – although we are social distancing – we are finding new ways to use technology to unite remotely.

We are all aware of the impact this pandemic situation is having on local businesses in our community. Looking to the future, we want to see our local people and companies continue to thrive.

To ensure that success, we must band together and support those in need. Collectively, it can make a significant difference in helping cushion the blow to these businesses that rely on us and the general well-being of our communities.

There are many ways to do that right now. One way is to focus on our most vulnerable populations and look to contribute to organizations that help them. Consider donating to local organizations that aim to help people with basic needs.

“Many people have stepped up and made generous donations already, which is allowing us to purchase food to keep the assistance flowing,” said Sandy Gillis, executive director of The Deep Well Project. “These funds will also assist with rent and critical prescriptions, and provide utility assistance.”

It is more critical than ever to keep connected with educators, work colleagues and loved ones. Hargray sees this need, and has pledged to “Keep Americans Connected” by launching a program to support remote learning for students in the Southeast.

During crises, communities need anchors, and we are grateful that Hargray can be an anchor for locals who need to stay connected and thriving. The internet allows us to continue to work, learn and play, but it is also a vital tool to support our community.

We urge you to join us in getting online to help. Order take out and merchandise from local businesses online, check on elderly or at-risk neighbors virtually, give positive reviews to your favorite small businesses, and order flowers from a local florist to brighten someone’s day.

The internet gives us the power to do great things while staying at home, so let’s use that power to do good. Join us and pledge to keep our precious community connected and thriving.

Lynn Hall is the general manager of Hargray.