The height of the hurricane season is approaching as we enter August. Hurricanes happen when two different weather fronts come together. There is displacement, movement and friction within the air masses.

Many of us have experienced hurricanes. We are aware of the magnitude and the power of a hurricane and we know that in the center of the storm there is an eye.

The eye of a storm is a place of perfect balance, a place of peace, calm, clarity and stillness.

Hurricanes have a metaphysical meaning for us because of their eye of calm. As the challenging situations and difficult relationships in life swirl around outside of us, there is a place of perfect balance, a place of peace, calm, clarity and stillness inside of us, at our center.

Our goal is to learn to find that center in the midst of any storm, be it weather related or in relationships and situations. Each of us can choose to be the “I” of the storm.

The storms of our lives form out of this conflict between needing to feel safe and accepted, based on our past, and our higher-self calling us to be like and express God.

I like to ask myself if I am “being the way of God” (peaceful and calm) or am I “being in the way of God” (swirling and confused).

Each situation, person and circumstance in our life calls us to remember who we are. Each difficult situation, all difficult people and any difficult circumstance is difficult because we have confused our experience with who we are.

The Bible asks us, in Romans 12:2, to “Be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” The way we renew our mind is by remembering who we are and by making the choice of looking at life in a new way.

Life means what each of us makes it mean, because we give life its meaning based on the principles and beliefs we accept and agree with. Sometimes, the principles and beliefs we hold, hold us.

Living in South Carolina, we might experience hurricanes from June to November. In our lives, we all will experience conflict.

When we experience conflict, it is always a call for us to turn our attention to our heart space and to remember principle. The truth is that conflict is the midwife that comes to help us birth something new and wonderful – that which we are called to be.

Let us ready ourselves for the storms that life will present us, by remembering the “I” of the storm is God in you and God in me. The “I” of the storm is our ability to embrace this truth of us.

Rev. Therese Donlan Lee is the senior minister of Unity Spiritual Center on Hilton Head Island.