Every pet that comes to Palmetto Animal League has a unique personality. Our job is to care for each one as if it were our own and get to know them on a personal level, so we can help them find a life-long home.

For some rescue pets, showing love and affection comes naturally. Animals with outgoing personalities are always the front-runners for a fast adoption. For other animals, learning to trust humans can be a process, making their stay at the Palmetto Animal League Adoption Center a lengthy one.

When Cassidy first came to PAL, she was filthy and severely underweight with extensive dental issues. We quickly got to work cleaning her up (which led to an interesting half-shaved hairdo) and getting her examined by our vets at the Palmetto Animal League Community Clinic.

Getting Cassidy groomed was an easy fix, but her dental problems were far more challenging, leading to the unfortunate but necessary removal of many of her teeth.

While Cassidy is just as cute without her pearly whites, the stress of the dental procedure, on top of adjusting to the shelter environment, left her wary and anxious. We placed her in a senior cat room, but unfortunately the age-appropriate camaraderie did not seem to help.

Cassidy spent most of her hours hiding pitifully in a box. Needless to say, she was not making a stellar first impression on potential adopters.

After weeks with no shift in her demeanor, we decided to place Cassidy in a foster home to see if the change of pace and scenery would do the trick. Once at home with her new foster family, Cassidy literally and figuratively came out of the box!

As her playful personality started to show, Cassidy’s foster mom fell in love and decided to adopt the now snuggly senior. Cassidy has become a consummate lap cat who sleeps under her mom’s arm every night.

She even started showing interest in the intricate art of crochet! Cassidy is happiest in her favorite chair, weaving fascinating creations with yarn – like only a cat can do.

Consider giving a shelter pet like Cassidy a second chance at life this summer. Palmetto Animal League is waiving adoption fees for cats, kittens and adult dogs Aug. 1-11.

All pets are spayed or neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. All they need is someone like you!

Visit the PAL Adoption Center, 56 Riverwalk Blvd. in Okatie’s Riverwalk Business Park, Monday through Saturday from noon to 7 p.m. to meet our adoptable pets.

Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League.