To understand energy medicine, we must recognize that everything in the universe is energy.

Look around you. Everything you see is composed of molecules that are vibrating at different frequencies. Everything in our observable universe is in motion, even things apparently not moving, like this newspaper.

Pure energy is electromagnetic radiation, light. It is simply frequency movement – or, put another way, sound.

Scientists use the term “biofield” to describe a field of energy and information that surrounds the human body. Researchers have measured the electromagnetic field of the heart radiating 10 feet around the human body.

Energy medicine is based on the principle that the human body is encompassed by this invisible field of subtle energy that is constantly moving in and around you. When the natural flow of this energy is obstructed or depleted, the body becomes diseased. Where energy does not flow, pathologies arise.

Our body is made up of a mix of vibrating energies or frequencies that are continually changing with our moods, our physical health, what we consume, and even how we think and feel. The same is true for every organ and organ system in our body.

Every organ has a frequency for which it naturally resonates and operates at its optimum. For example, the frequency of a typical cell is around 1000Hz, whereas the heart resonates at 100Hz. When the flow of life force energy is blocked, it can materialize into ailments.

One energy modality to keep your body in harmony is the use of sound and light. You are a vibrating being of light (photons), therefore using the principles of sound and light to facilitate healing makes sense.

Sound can re-harmonize cells that have become unbalanced as a result of toxins, emotional trauma, or pathogens. Our body is a multi-layered energy system that is physical, emotional and spiritual.

Energy needs to flow within us, through us, and around us freely if we want to remain healthy.

Shembra Carter, RN is the owner of Lowcountry Harmonic Egg Sound and Light Chamber. or