Remodeling your bathroom is well worth the investment. An update to the most-used room in your home can offer a 60 percent to 75 percent return on the investment, if and when you sell your home.

Along with being a great financial investment, remodeling your bathroom might also offer you a retreat within your own home.

A bathroom remodel does not have to cost a lot of money. Many people hear the word “remodel” or “renovation” and automatically associate it with “expensive.” Yet, this is not always the case.

The truth is that there are a variety of options to choose from to remodel a bathroom that can accommodate almost any budget.

For those with a lower budget, consider giving the bath a facelift. This could include replacing of the fixtures, knobs and faucets; upgrading the countertops; and applying a fresh coat of paint.

There will be no huge changes; however, this cosmetic update can feel and look like a brand-new bathroom without breaking the bank.

If you’re ready for a big change, a complete bathroom remodel might be just what you need. If you choose this option, you would completely tear down the entire bathroom, so that there is nothing left but the studs.

This type of remodel is the most expensive, yet allows you to have the bathroom of your dreams and adds a lot more value to your home. Of course, you will need to replace every element.

Where to start?

It’s good to begin with a wish list, a “must have” list, and a budget.

Here are couple things to think about: First, decide if the new room is to be a on- or two-person sized spa style bathroom. Tub or shower, or both? What size? Will there be a privacy room for the toilet? A closet?

Next, consider such elements as accessibility and grab bars, smart storage space, countertops for the sink(s), lighting and ventilation. Then think about details, such as “rain” shower heads, body sprays, bench seating.

Smaller details include towel bars, faucets, mirrors and other accessories.

Before you do anything, though, know that it’s best if you don’t do it alone. A professional will be able to help fine-tune your remodel plan, offer tips and advice, and maybe even recommend some ideas you haven’t already considered.

Sharon Loccisano is a sales designer and commercial sales professional at Prestige Stone Inc.