Volunteers bring a little piece of “home” to the animals at The Palmetto Animal League Adoption Center. They walk, talk and snuggle with our adoptable pets, really getting to know them on a personal level. Volunteers give selflessly, and in return, they get to experience some priceless moments.

Cat Care volunteer Lee Sidorick is our adoption assistant. He spends time with our adopters helping them find their perfect match. Filling this important role at PAL has allowed Sidorick to witness more than one miracle.

“I’ll never forget Dusty and Maxwell,” he said. “It was apparent these two cats could not be separated, so when an adopter decided to bring them home together (even though Maxwell was a bit cantankerous) it was a joyous moment, one I’ll always remember.”

Sidorick visits several times a week, carrying on the tradition of his beloved wife of nearly 49 years, Sharon, in caring for homeless pets. After losing Sharon less than a year ago, Sidorick began spending a lot of time cuddling and playing with the cats and kittens at PAL.

“I get so much consolation out of having a couple of purring cats on my lap or chest,” Sidorick explained. “I get just as much out of it as the cats do, if not more!”

Sidorick especially enjoys working with the cats that need more socializing. He seeks out the ones who are standoffish and makes it his mission to get them adopted. He provides PAL staff with great feedback on their personalities, so we can do even more to find these cats a home.

“This is the type of animal my wife would focus on saving,” Sidorick said. “She had a soft spot for the ones who got dropped off, the ones who were abandoned or injured.”

Sidorick takes great care of our staff at the PAL Adoption Center too. He never arrives empty-handed, but rather always brings sweet treats. When he walks through the door he brightens our day, lifting the spirits of both humans and felines.

His presence at PAL is a precious gift. He is making the world a better place – one cuddle, one purr, one cat at a time.

Thanks to volunteers like Lee Sidorick, PAL is able to provide a safe and caring environment for abandoned, abused and neglected animals in desperate need of rescue. These are Lives Worth Saving.

If you agree, we make it easy to help. Join the No Kill movement. Adopt, foster, donate or volunteer at PalmettoAnimalLeague.org.

Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.