Global Infection Control Consultants and Dust Solutions Inc., two Beaufort County-based companies, made generous donations to Bluffton Police Department April 9 outside department headquarters.

Dr. Arthur V. Martin, president of Global Infection Control Consultants (GICC), and Richard Posner, president of Dust Solutions Inc. (DSI), have founded a partnership dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges presented by COVID-19. Both Martin and Posner are Bluffton residents.

GICC, based in Bluffton, is focused on understanding the dynamics of the pathogenic bioaerosol connection to the human infection matrix. Currently, the company is producing an alcohol-free hand sanitizer that is currently being laboratory tested on its efficacy against the COVID-19 virus.

DSI, a Beaufort-based manufacturer of dust suppression systems, has also developed a small fogger that can be used to disinfect vehicles such as police cars and EMT wagons.

In a generous act of philanthropy and community, the two companies donated a fogger and 100 bottles of disinfectant as well as a fogger to BPD.

Town of Bluffton Police Chief Christopher Chapmond said, “Our officers are on the front line every day fighting an invisible enemy. This generous response from innovative Bluffton residents will allow us to quickly sanitize our patrol vehicles and get the officers back out in the community to serve and protect.”