Technology is advancing faster than most of us realize. Our devices are getting smarter, giving us new ways to improve our lives.

Here are some noteworthy innovations that can help you achieve your personal goals for a well-balanced lifestyle.

Fitness: For many people, committing to physical fitness can be a challenging goal. Before, you had to go to a gym or professional class to get a good workout. Now, today’s technology has given us tools to help maintain our effective fitness routines and track our progress virtually anywhere.

This year everyone is talking about Mirror. If you were lucky enough to receive one during the holidays, you know how exciting this device is.

Mirror is a device that appears to be a traditional mirror but transforms into a fitness hub. The gadget is a cardio class, yoga studio, boxing ring, personal trainer, and beyond. The device comes as a wall mount or a sleek stand.

You can access 70-plus new live classes weekly or take a class with their library of on-demand workouts. This device that transforms any room of your house into a personal fitness studio is the future of smart fitness.

Mindfulness: Anytime is a good time to prioritize strong mental health. Mindfulness is critical to a well-rounded life.

It can be difficult to slow down during our busy and sometimes stressful routines, but smart devices make mindfulness convenient and even fun.

Muse 2 is a multi-sensor meditation device that gives real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing and body movements to help you create an effective meditation practice.

You wear it like a headband, as it translates brain activity into sounds of nature and connects to Bluetooth devices for a guided meditation.

Muse is compatible with IOS and Android so that you can review your results through the app on your mobile device. The device is passive and uses EEG (electroencephalography) in ways similar to how hospitals and research institutions study the brain.

Organization: To ensure balance in your schedule, you’ll need to stay organized. There are lifesaving calendar apps that allow you to do so. is a calendar app for Android, IOS and the web that manages your schedule, goals, and reminders. This app will help keep you proactive in all your organizational goals.

For all of your new and exciting gadgets to run smoothly, you will need the fastest internet in town. Check with your internet service provider to ensure your speed can support all of your connected devices.

Richard Brashear is the director of marketing for Hargray.