My house is going on the market.

On paper, it belongs to hubby and me, but I have always thought of the house as my home, so this house is mine.

We have had many homes in the past – one we had for just eight months, only to be transferred. The longest we were in one place was more than 28 years. We have been in this house for 17 years – our first in retirement.

Most of the years raising the kids, hubby was a weekend visitor and spent his week on the road. This is the first home that he lived in seven days a week.

It took me a year to get used to having a husband around the house; at times I wasn’t sure I was going to live through the ordeal. Sun City has more clubs than you can count, but not a single one on how to deal with full-time husbands.

The first big shock was that he ate three meals a day.

My idea of a menu plan previously was to grab something at the office with coffee. Lunch was eaten out, but only one day a week, so it was up to my co-workers to tell me which day, and it was usually some function we couldn’t get out of.

The rest of the lunches consisted of yogurt.

Dinner I had down pat: Get a Chinese meal on Monday and eat out of it until Wednesday, because on that day we had food provided at work because we worked until 11 p.m. or so.

Don’t feel sorry for me because I did not arrive at work until after 10 a.m. I would have my hair and nails done on Wednesday mornings.

The next two days was half a baked potato scooped out with an egg in it, plus a salad.

You might not believe me, but that was not hubby’s idea of eating. If he didn’t have dessert every night he felt dejected.

So this house has to get ready to sell. This is no easy feat.

But I am getting to meet more nice people. Some I don’t know by name; they come in and do their thing and are gone.

We have replaced all the fogged-up windows and the crack in the Corian counter.

The workers remained unnamed until Brian the painter. Sad to say, the purple bedroom is now neutral beige with new carpeting.

The counter had to have the plumbing re-connected, so a plumber down the road came to the rescue. Thus, he became Brian the happy plumber, not to be confused with Brian the happy painter.

Why they became happy I have no idea, but the happy painter has come back and is working on the Carolina room and utility room.

This house is going to be so nice, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to leave it.

The joke about this house is that I picked it out for the utility room. It is a nice house, but it has an awesome utility room. Next month I’ll tell you how the utility room has evolved over the years.

Margaret Griffin has lived in Sun City Hilton Head for 17 years.