The 2023 Trolley Season on Hilton Head Island has begun.

The service will run every day through Labor Day (Sept. 4) from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., and until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The Breeze is scheduled to serve each stop every 30 minutes. 

The 2023 season marks the service’s sixth season of operation.

The Breeze will again be serving two routes: The South Island Route will utilize full-size trolley vehicles connecting the Coligny Beach/South Island area with the Shelter Cove area including several stops in-between. 

The Mid-Island Route will again utilize shuttle vehicles to connect people in the Shelter Cove and Folly Field areas with transfers to and from the South Island Route. New to this route is an additional trolley stop on Folly Field Road near William Hilton Parkway.

The Breeze has invested in an important new safety enhancement that will be especially beneficial in areas with heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Each of the Breeze’s four trolleys now has an “annunciator” system which alerts nearby pedestrians and bicyclists when the trolleys are turning. The system’s announcements are made in both English and Spanish.

“Safety is always our highest priority, and we all know how busy the pathways and intersections on the island are –especially during the high season. We have invested in this new technology as another way to avoid the potential for any incidents,” said Mary Lou Franzoni, executive director. “If we avoid even just one accident with the new ‘talking trolleys,’ it is well worth the investment.”

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