Brian, “the Happy Painter,” is back. This time working in the garage, and it’s my fault.

Years ago, I was the primary painter and took on the job of painting the garage. Hubby told me to stop and that he would help later. I was okay with that, and I stopped.

A few weeks went by, and I reminded him of the garage project.

Now keep in mind that I wasn’t being a nag. It was not like he was laid up in traction. He was working every day on Habitat for Humanity homes in Bluffton.

My first reaction was to just go ahead and finish the project myself, then I developed an attitude, something I’m good at doing, but it’s not one of my better qualities. So for 17 years the garage has gone half painted.

With the house on the market it needs to be finished and at this point redone.

Why did I not just finish it? I’ve got a few reasons. First, I’m 76 and have no business being up on a ladder, and second, I now have manicured nails.

Nails! What do nails have to do with it?

Well, it’s very much like the Chinese binding feet. Centuries ago the Chinese would bind the feet of infant girls. This process would basically leave the adult girl crippled.

It was a status symbol, and the child would not have to work the fields and would marry well, because only a wealthy man could afford a wife who couldn’t work.

Well, I’m not sure we get the message about nails. You can’t do much when you have nails. I got acrylic nails as a lark. With the house on the market, I’m not doing much, but it has turned into a pain.

To start off, typing on a keyboard or iPad is not easy. Doing anything is not easy. Making pottery leaves little nail marks in the clay, and stained glass is out of the question.

So why in the world would I have nails? So I don’t have to paint the garage.

Church of the Palms has a program making hats for cancer patients. We set up an assembly line and get about 25 done during a session.

I was not able to make it last time, so I finished off a few at home. To do this I had to file down my nails on my right hand, or I wouldn’t have been able to sew.

I’m not sure I can keep up my status symbol of manicured nails, and it’s way too late to bind my feet, so I think I may go back to my working hands.

Margaret Griffin has lived in Sun City Hilton Head for 17 years.