What used to be science fiction might now be reality, with smart homes that can keep up with the fast, furious, smart or crazy pace that we have set for our lives today.

If you don’t have to wait to connect to the Internet, then why should you have to wait to do things around your house? Why not let the house start taking care of itself and making your life easier?

Welcome to the futuristic homes that are here today, with many high-tech gadgets, and that are adaptable to future technology as well.

These homes have lots of technology: a biometric entry system, an automatic parking system (with push button robotics to park our cars), a curved ultra-HD display TV that displays your favorite television program or movie by simple voice commands. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to being tech-friendly, these homes are also eco-friendly. For example, they are completely climate controlled and can be easily managed from an iPad or smartphone to make you comfortable while saving energy as well.

If you don’t like the weather outside, just press a button or two, and choose your virtual sunny day or starry night. Now, when you look out the window, it’s a perfect day or night – a very useful feature for this past winter here in the Lowcountry.

Is it cold or rainy outside and you really had you heart set on playing golf or tennis? No problem! Just step inside your SPRM (sport room) and play a virtual round of golf or a set of tennis with your friend next door or anyone in the entire world.

Have you ever heard the expressions “the dishes in the dishwasher are clean” or “the trash needs to be taken out”? In today’s smart homes, and with the utilization of smart robotics, those tasks are easily taken care of.

Here are my smart home favorites. I would like to introduce you to Robbie and Rozzie. In addition to taking care of many chores around the house, they are programmed to prevent arguments that couples sometimes have.

If he wants to do this and she wants to do that, Rob and Roz will recognize changes in voice and tension levels. Immediately they will remind the couple of who had their way the last time and how to proceed this time.

All these features might truly be real today – or they might be available only in my fun-loving mind. Wishing you a happy April Fool’s Day!

Larry Stoller is a real estate consultant and advertising executive who loves living in Bluffton and enjoys helping real estate agents and sellers get homes sold.