bluetooth controller screen of smart bedroom

At the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, health and wellness was prominently featured in devices designed to integrate more fully into our digital lives. Here are some of the more interesting categories of wellness that may change in the future: 

• Sleep. A good night’s sleep has long been recommended as essential to overall health and wellness. Companies like Sleep Number Beds are working hard to ensure that you and your spouse both get the sleep you need with a bed tracking resting data over time to let you know your sleep patterns.

• Breathe. In the aftermath of Covid, there are new devices to help detect breath and lung capacity along with the ability to track the quality of air in your surroundings. Many of these could be life-saving devices as we learn to live with more respiratory illnesses, and seek out proactive solutions at home and work.

• Bathroom breaks. You guessed it, the toilet as we know it will change forever once it is connected to the internet. Toto displayed a toilet that can analyze your health and fitness, even synching up to your smart phone. Privacy concerns, anyone? If you struggle with filling your bathtub, Kohler has a perfect fill technology to fill your tub by voice recognition.

• The metaverse. The term metaverse is now synonymous with technologies that create a 3D social world, virtual or augmented reality. Health and wellness brands are jumping in to carve out their footprint. Virtual reality-based health and shopping solutions abound in this new digital reality, ranging from trying on make-up products to fashion choices to immersive “adventure” experiences, all designed for you (using a camera) or your avatar (a fictional sense of yourself in the metaverse). All of these create looming questions about mental and physical health and wellness as an alternate reality becomes real.

• Farm to table. Most of our health, beauty and wellness starts in the kitchen with what we eat. Scanners can now analyze food for carcinogens. Weight Watchers has integrated technology to track all aspects of wellness and tap into artificial intelligence to give you tailored advice to help you achieve your goals. Companies like GE Appliances are also highlighting new home-grown gardening systems.

As you plan your health and wellness goals for 2022, there are plenty of digital tools to help you, but always be wary of how your personal data is captured and used. And remember, that good health and wellness starts with making it a priority, gadgets or not. 

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Jennifer Wolfe is the co-owner of Whisper Creek Day Spa in Bluffton, which she opened with her husband last year. or