There are so many unsubstantiated theories about hair and hair products that I decided to give readers a little test to see if they are paying attention to my articles.

Let’s see how much you remember.

  1. Your hair is made of protein. True or false?

That’s very true. A strand of hair is a protein called keratin, and the strength and durability of your hair depends on how much protein as been stripped from the hair due to many things including chemicals, incorrect products, tools and overall daily abuse.

  1. There’s no difference between salon shampoo and conditioner and inexpensive drug store products, even those that claim to be for specific types of hair. True or false?

False, false, false. There’s a reason why the inexpensive products are inexpensive. They have lots of oils and waxes as fillers that weigh your hair down instead of penetrating the hair to fortify it.

So many of my clients say they don’t use conditioner because it makes their hair flat and lifeless. The conditioner purchased from a drugstore or grocery store will more than likely make your hair flat because it’s full of waxes and oils that make your hair feel slippery, giving the false impression that it’s being conditioned but not doing anything to really repair any damage or improve the condition of the hair.

Shampoo and conditioner from the salon has many more good ingredients that will not weigh hair down and will penetrate the hair and nourish it as it’s supposed to do.

  1. Letting your hair go gray makes you look older. True or false?

True. The absence of color around your face washes you out and brings much more attention to the aging process of the skin. Hair definitely needs to be lighter around your face but not gray.

  1. Using color from a drugstore or a beauty supply shop will work the same as professional hair color. True or false?

That’s very false. Some store-bought coloring products contain ingredients that do not have FDA approval. They contain chemicals that, used improperly, might cause hair to become brassy and damaged or the color to be flat or inconsistent. There’s a reason it’s called professional color.

  1. A haircut shaped like an upside down triangle is the most flattering on 99 percent of all people. True or false?

True. The “corners” of the triangle bring attention to the cheekbones and eyes, is the most flattering, and takes attention away from the chin and neck.

  1. Giving an invigorating shampoo and brushing your hair frequently helps keep the scalp and follicle healthy and will help prevent the hair from thinning. True or False?

This is true. Keeping the scalp stimulated helps the blood bring nutrients to the hair follicle, which keeps the follicle from dying.

I hope these answers help you understand why your hair cooperates and looks its best or why you might need to tweak some of your products and routines to make your hair look its best.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.