Technology enhances the way we live, work and play. Today, many devices aim to make our interactions with the earth more positive. Here’s a list of eco-friendly devices that can help reduce your carbon footprint.

• Electric bicycle. It’s no secret that our community loves cycling. With the abundance of bike paths, cycling as a means of transportation is easier than ever.

If you are serious about swapping out cycling for driving, an electric bike will give you a boost in speed and make the long-distance easier and faster than a traditional bike. An e-bike eliminates the need for gas and reduces harmful emissions.

This ride is more efficient than a regular bicycle, allowing you to ride longer and faster. It also eliminates the headaches of driving a car, such as getting stuck in traffic and battling to find a parking spot in crowded areas.

Some electric bikes come with ample storage and can support a decent weight so that you can carry whatever you need with you. An e-bike is a massive step towards mindful transportation.

• Smart wall plug. Remote controlled wall plugs are a great environment and wallet saver. They provide energy monitoring so that you can see how much energy a particular appliance is using and if it is on.

The mobile app pairs with it so that you can remotely access appliances such as the refrigerator, washer, gas dryer and fan. This way, you can make informed decisions about what devices to keep on and reduce consumption. Wall to Wall Wi-Fi will maximize the effectiveness of the eco-saving devices throughout your home.

• Portable solar light. It’s time to utilize a natural element we have plenty of – the sun! The sun is ideal for boat rides and beach days, but it is also a resource that can be a great tool to reduce our carbon footprint.

Solar technology is not new, but modern devices are revolutionizing how easily we can use it. With these handheld devices, it’s not as complicated as installing a solar farm in your yard or on your roof, but as simple as leaving your small solar panel exposed to direct sunlight light and letting an onboard battery store energy for later.

Available solar products range from power banks for portable charging to lanterns, headlamps and portable stoves for camping.

Another great item is solar-powered string lights, perfect for decorating a backyard without the hassle of connecting to an outdoor electrical outlet. Additionally, these solar-powered devices are helpful for emergencies when the power is out.

Lynn Hall is the general manager of Hargray.