Looking forward in the New Year with excitement

With this feature, we seek to capture a glimpse of what you and your neighbors have to say about a variety of topics, issues, events – and just plain fun questions. 

You might see us anywhere around town, with notepad and camera, randomly seeking out folks who are willing to participate. If we find you, we hope you will want to respond.

On the sidewalks of Tanger 1 Outlet, we asked shoppers, “What are you most excited about for the New Year?”

Monique Frazier, Bluffton: “What business looks like in the New Year, and how it grows.”

Jack Swanson, Quahog, Rhode Island: “It’s the passing of time, my getting older, experiencing college. A new era.”

Karen Abrams, Hilton Head Island: “It’ll be my first year as a resident of Hilton Head Island, so I’m looking forward to getting to know the island.”












Trixie Johnson, Richmond, Virginia: “My daughter’s graduating and going to college.”

Brian Holder, Toronto, Canada: “I’m hoping for the year to be a bit more normal with Covid, and a bit more sane.”