What a great and special time to be this age

With this feature, we seek to capture a glimpse of what you and your neighbors have to say about a variety of topics, issues, events – and just plain fun questions.

You might see us anywhere around town, with notepad and camera, randomly seeking out folks who are willing to participate. If we find you, we hope you will want to respond.

At the annual Gullah Celebration Feb. 19 at Honey Horn, we asked: “What’s the best thing about being the age you are right now?”

Cindy Thompson, Hilton Head Island: “I’m old enough to know better and young enough to still enjoy everything the world has to offer.”

Kimberly Houston, Hilton Head Island: “I have learned maturity, wisdom and grace.”

Lucca Ingram, 6, Charlotte, N.C.: “Being in first grade and learning about birds and flowers.”












Olivia Ingram, 26, Charlotte, N.C.: “Being a mom, being a dog mom, and studying law.”

Giovanna Ingram, 57, Charlotte, N.C.: “Spoiling myself – with facials, shopping, vacations, and whatever else I want!”