With this feature, we seek to capture a glimpse of what your neighbors have to say about a variety of topics, issues, events – and just plain fun questions.

You might find us anywhere around Bluffton with a camera and note pad, asking simple questions and looking for thoughtful answers. If we find you, we hope you will want to participate.

During the Historic Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival, we asked: “If someone were to make a movie of your life, what famous actor would you choose to play you, and why?”

Kevin Quat, Bluffton: “Robert Redford, because he’s trustworthy and debonair, and he cares about other people’s experiences. And because we both have freckles.”

Loni Lüke, Bluffton: “Allison Janney, because I’ve seen her always in strong supporting roles. And that’s how I see myself, supporting others rather than being in the spotlight.”

Abby Boylston, Bluffton: “Meryl Streep, because of the range of characters she is able to portray, because it would take a wide range to cover me!”

Glenn Boylston, Bluffton: “Robert Duval, because the first movie I saw him in was ‘The Godfather,’ and I remember thinking he is so good at what he does. He made it to the big time based just on his ability.”

Amiri Farris, Bluffton: “Chadwick Boseman, because he has played a wide range of characters in drama and comedy. And his mannerisms remind me of me. And he’s from South Carolina.”