St. Luke’s Church on Hilton Head Island held a ground-breaking ceremony Dec. 20 to celebrate its successful $3.3 million capital campaign to expand and renovate its campus at the corner of Pope Avenue and Cordillo Parkway over the next three years.

The Rev. Greg Kronz, St. Luke’s pastor for the past 22 years, said the capital campaign, Preparing for the Next 50, is the first comprehensive fundraising initiative taken by St. Luke’s in more than a decade, and the largest single fundraising activity in the church’s history.

The church opened at its current five-acre location on Christmas Eve 1964.

The first facility to be renovated and enhanced is the St. Luke’s Preschool, which faces Cordillo Parkway and is attached to the main sanctuary.

Norm Galloway, capital campaign chairman, said, “Our campaign has been met with great enthusiasm by the St. Luke’s congregation, and we believe will have a profound impact on the church’s present and future local ministries.”

Major construction components include a complete renovation of the preschool, expansion of the Parish Hall to allow for visiting Christian speakers and church performances, plus a separate ministry building for youth activities and community outreach. Additionally, there will be a significant upgrade of the church grounds and parking to facilitate easier access, better drainage and improved safety features.

“Our goal is to create a church campus that will not only provide for our current needs, but accommodate a more vibrant, growing church body and enhanced outreach to the community at large,” said Galloway, noting that the campaign objectives were based on feedback from a feasibility study conducted last year with a broad cross-section of church members.

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