Are you tired of looking at the same old furnishings, paint colors, rugs, and kitchen cabinets? The list could go on and on.

Even people who don’t change their style need an update to make their home fresher and de-cluttered. After so many years we all tend to keep adding here and there, and before you know it we have accumulated too much.

Along with the normal wear and tear, it makes our homes look old and tired.

I know what you are going to say: “I don’t have a budget for a major renovation.” So I’m going to share some tips and tricks to give you the refreshed look without spending a fortune.

First, our floors take a lot of abuse so they can easily start to look worn. Putting some new rugs down can help take the focus off the floors. Rugs do not have to be expensive.

Don’t forget to refresh new bathroom rugs as well. A big new fluffy bathroom rug always makes a bathroom look better.

For your sofas and chairs try new pillows to add a new look. You might want to introduce a new accent color when you do this. Pillows are one of my favorite ways to liven up a space.

Here’s a thought: change those tired lampshades to crisp, new white ones – or a black shade to add a classy look. We often invest in expensive lamps, but the shades don’t last forever. A new shade makes the lamp look new again.

Also, maybe the budget would allow for a couple of new light fixtures.

The kitchen is always tough because most items are expensive to replace. One of the first things I do for a budget refresh in the kitchen is change out the knobs on the cabinets to a more current style.

This is an area where I find the clutter has built up, so work hard to eliminate items you aren’t using.

Update your tea towels and purchase new plates. Don’t forget a new kitchen rug.

And if you have money leftover in the budget or are a do-it-yourselfer, try painting a new color in a least one room. That always gives a house a new burst of energy.

Small projects can achieve a boost to your home the same as a major renovation. Try it!

Cynthia Bailey is the owner of C.W. Bailey Interiors in Bluffton. www.cwbailey