Today is Valentine’s Day. Do you like your house? Do you love your home? Would you like to add some love to your home?

Here’s how:

  • Make it your no-stress zone. See it as the place you go to calm down and clear your mind. Visualize a peaceful and happy place. Take a few deep breaths before you open the door, and when you enter your home, leave the worry outside.
  • Lighten up and let go. Don’t worry if everything in your home is not perfect. That way of thinking can create stress. Just step back and say to yourself, “It will all come together in good time and as it does, I will enjoy my home in all its different stages.”
  • Share your place with special people. Invite good friends over for dinner, wine and cheese, or a fun movie. Let laughter and happiness into your home (to stay as long as they want to).
  • Make good memories. When you invite people you like (and people who like you) into your home, you will also be creating fond memories. And just thinking of those memories will make you smile and cherish your home.
  • Spend time there. It might not be Tara or Twelve Oaks, but it’s your home. So don’t run out every chance you get. Get to know your home better. Do fun things in your home.

I remember when we lived in West Bloomington, Minn. We moved there in 1986 when my daughter was just six months old. Our big Husky-Shepherd mix dog would lie by her crib and watch over her. That made me feel good. I loved that home.

Now we live in Rose Hill Plantation. For many years, we shared our home with Duchess, our beloved standard poodle. She slept in her bed at the foot of our bed. She watched over us (or maybe we watched over her). Seeing her there made me feel good. I love this home.

It’s not too difficult to add some love to your home; maybe you could even send it a happy Valentine’s Day card.

Larry Stoller is a broker and Realtor with Real Estate Five of the Lowcountry. Larry or www.RealEstate