Mama cat Sol has “adopted” orphaned kitten, Rubble, and welcomed the helpless baby to the family.

Heroes come from many walks in life. In animal rescue, some of the most caring and selfless heroes are mother cats willing to take in orphans as their own. A cat nicknamed Mama Sol captured our hearts in late March when she lovingly adopted a newborn kitten found helpless and alone in the rubble of a collapsed structure.

Before I tell you about Sol’s love for others, let me tell you about those who loved her first. Sol showed up at a family’s house two weeks before Christmas, hungry and thirsty. Despite having six rescue pets already, they immediately provided this sweet, pregnant mama cat with a warm bed, food, veterinary care, and the love every animal deserves.

Unable to keep Sol and her kittens, the family made the heartbreaking decision to transition them into Palmetto Animal League’s foster care program, knowing each one would find a wonderful home.

But, Sol’s story does not end there. She was meant to pass along the love she had received to another in need.

“Sol was already in a foster home with her biological kittens, when PAL was alerted about a lone newborn kitten found in the rubble of a torn down building,” said PAL Adoption Coordinator Sally Dawkins.”

Sol’s foster moms, a mother-daughter team, knew she would accept this sweet baby as her own, so we made the introduction right away. The tiny kitten found in the rubble, only a few days old, was quickly welcomed into his new family. 

“PAL fought hard for the life of a single, stray, newborn kitten,” said Sol’s foster mom Jillian Gerber. “I think this story is one of love, understanding and triumph.” 

And so, a hero (who had just given birth) was born. Sol’s heart was so full of love from the kindness she had received, she didn’t think twice about extending the same.   

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Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.