Dr. Jean Harris has some fun while also being serious about her golf goals for 2021. FLO MASCIADRELLI

Looking back on 2020 we probably set goals that we were unable to achieve due to the pandemic. I am convinced that 2021 is going to be a rebound year where we can set goals and be able to achieve them.

In order to set golf goals that can be reached you will have to be organized. These goals need to be achievable, believable and measurable. Sit down with a journal and write down three golf goals you would like to achieve this year. Use this journal to keep track of your progress.

Making your goals achievable means you will be able to reach them. First of all, the goal must be realistic given your ability and physical conditioning. I can’t have a goal of hitting a driver 300 yards since it is not achievable for this senior lady. A goal of adding 10 yards to my drives is achievable.

In order to achieve goals in golf, you must be realistic and cannot expect perfection. Expect success, but accept playability.

The goal must be believable to you. If you say that you are going to break 80 by this summer and you’re still shooting in the 100’s, you probably won’t believe you can reach this goal. 

Finally, your golf goal must be measurable and written down. Pick a number you can achieve in a certain amount of time. Pick dates that you want to have as intermediate goals. If the goal is measurable, you will know when you have reached it. If the goal cannot be reached in a certain time frame you will get disillusioned.

Because it is critical to achieve the goals you set, make no more than three goals at a time. Having too many goals will make it difficult for you to focus during your practice sessions.

Below are Dr. Jean’s golf goals for 2021:

Fitness goal: I will increase my flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance by July 1. I will continue to do stretches each morning. I will measure my strength by increasing weights on machines at the fitness center. I will increase my cardiovascular fitness by walking on the treadmill four times a week at 4.4 mph for at least 30 minutes.

Golf swing goal: I will fix my swing path (more shallow and inside out). My hips need to stay back and rotate instead of me standing up at impact. I have been on trackman to look at my swing and plan to look at it again on July 1.

Golf score goal:  I will hit 75% of all greens from 100 yards in by July 1. I will keep track of this in every round I play on my score card. In order to reach this goal I will hit 50 100-yard-and-in shots on the driving range three times a week for the next six months. When I achieve this goal I expect to reduce my score by at least two shots per 18-hole round.

Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at local courses. jean.golfdoctor.harris@gmail.com; golfdoctorjean.com