“The Search for Treasure,” a delightful adventure story, is the latest by Lowcountry favorite author Mary Alice Monroe with Angela May, the second in their “island” series. Their first book, “The Islanders,” was a big hit and fans can’t wait to read what’s up next for the summer friends on Dewee’s Island.

A small barrier island in South Carolina, Dewee’s is a nature preserve and accessible only by boat. With no internet or stores, adventures are found in the water, along the shore and in the woods.

In “The Islanders,” we met Jake, Macon and Lovie, each spending the summer on the island. After they first met, it didn’t take long for them to become besties. Riding in golf carts and cruising in Lovie’s boat, they explored the island looking for adventure and fun. 

In “The Search for Treasure,” this is a special summer, as Jake’s father, who was seriously injured in Afghanistan, will be spending the summer there with Jake. It has been a tough road as his father works to accept his prosthetic leg and the changes to his life.

Having grown up spending summers on the island, Dad knows his way around and has many happy memories. Hopefully, being back there will help him adjust.

When the kids learn that Jake’s father and Fire Chief Rand, lifelong friends, built a tree fort on the island many years ago and had hidden a treasure there, well …  these three young detectives make it their mission to solve the mystery.

With themes of friendship, life changes, family relationships and mystery, “The Search for Treasure” is a fun and meaningful story, perfect for reading with children and young teens.

“The Search for Treasure” and “The Islanders” can be found on Amazon and other bookseller sites. Check with your local independent bookstore for the title and if they don’t have it, ask them to order some copies.

Glenda Harris is a freelance writer and editor, nature lover and aspiring novelist.