Breaking news from up north! Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus are moving to Bluffton next year, and they are looking for a real estate agent to sell their home in the North Pole.

When Mr. and Mrs. Claus were asked what criteria were important to them in choosing a real estate agent to sell their home, here is what they said:

  1. The agent must be full time, love his or her profession, and work hard and smart to get our home from Just Listed to Just Sold.
  2. The agent should be experienced and knowledgeable about our specific real estate market and have a proven track record in selling North Pole properties.
  3. The agent should provide a list of all services provided and a comprehensive marketing plan for selling our home.
  4. The agent should know about NPPOA regulations, restrictions, and architectural requirements, especially as relates to roof slope, home usage, and storage of special vehicles.
  5. The agent must know the policies as relates to pet restrictions (very important) and how many people can live and/or work in the house, workshop or barn.
  6. The agent must be able to determine a realistic price range for our home that is supported by comparable active and sold properties and meaningful market area statistics.
  7. The agent must have an alternative pricing strategy to price our unique home in the absence of a comparable property analysis.
  8. The agent must know how to market our home on the internet so that we have extensive exposure to all potential buyer prospects.
  9. The agent must represent us and look out for our best interests, and we have to feel that we will enjoy working with this real estate professional.
  10. The agent must be available on weekends and holidays, so that no selling opportunities are missed.

We feel strongly about this. If we work on weekends and holidays, we expect our agent to do the same.

Larry Stoller is a local real estate broker who loves living in Bluffton and working with home sellers, home buyers, and real estate agents throughout the Hilton Head area.