With the excitement of the Super Bowl and the professional athletes we watch, the question always arises: “How do their bodies handle the game?” In recent news, both chiropractic and restorative medicine have been found to be one of the top answers of maintaining and even reversing the effects of this physically demanding sport. However, it has been found these therapies are not just for the professional athlete, but also for the everyday individual.

Restorative medicine and chiropractic therapies have changed the game for NFL football players. Blown-out knees, joint pain, spinal damage and neck sprains are just some of the many injuries that football players can experience in their career. Often symptoms are quelled with prescription pain pills and habit-forming solutions which eventually prove to be harmful after long-term use.

However, two of the secret solutions for many football players such as Tom Brady, Jarvis Green, Sidney Rice, and Aaron Curry, to name a few, is restorative medicine and chiropractic therapy.

These alternative solutions not only help to speed up injury recovery but also help to maintain the longevity as athletes. Who better to attest to this than Tom Brady himself, who is an avid believer in regular chiropractic adjustments.

“Chiropractic just makes you feel so much better,” Brady said. “When I walk out of the clinic, I feel like I’m about three inches taller and everything’s in place.”

Players today are more educated on alternative therapies instead of the common treatments of the past that include multiple surgeries and pharmaceutical drugs that don’t always solve the root causes.

Restorative therapies have become the go-to solutions for many athletes, and today – more than ever – the general public to help maintain youthfulness but more importantly revive mobility they once enjoyed in life.

Recent studies have shown the healing capabilities that restorative medicine has had for those who suffer all levels of joint pain and ailments. When accompanied with consistent chiropractic therapies, the results have been life-changing for many. When an injury aggravates or causes misalignment in the spine or extremity joints, the body must devote a great deal of effort and resources in the way of compensation.

Restorative medicine and chiropractic alignment helps to support the body and remove some of the stress and pressures often associated with injury or strains.

When you find yourself limiting daily activities that you once enjoyed or wincing and stretching a little too often to relieve persistent pain, it may be time to consider a chiropractic adjustment or restorative therapy for improved overall body health and flexibility to live the life you once loved.

Dr. Brad E. Fraum is the owner of Fraum Center for Restorative Health and has been practicing restorative therapies for more than 30 years in the Lowcountry. fraum.com.