X-Force might be a tiny kitten, but make no mistake, this little guy was born with an enormous amount of strength and courage. Hence his name, bestowed upon him as an ode to a particularly powerful team of superheroes in Marvel Comics.

A good Samaritan brought X-Force to Palmetto Animal League after finding him injured on the side of the road, his bottom jaw completely exposed down to the bone. We’ll never know how this kitten sustained such a gruesome injury, but we do know he survived thanks to the caring person who brought him to PAL. His weight when he arrived was less than a pound.

“When he first came home with me, X-Force didn’t play and he had trouble eating,” recalls the kitten’s foster mom Starla Wicks. “I fed him wet food at least three times a day and washed his little mouth after each feeding so his wound would not get infected.”

Shortly after arriving at PAL, X-Force underwent surgery to repair his mangled mouth, and his recovery was nothing short of epic.

“After surgery, you’d hardly know he had an injury at all,” said Wicks. “He has a healthy appetite and eats dry food with no problem. He’s a wild man at play who rarely stops for cat naps.”

Even while facing the darkest of circumstances, X-Force had a cosmic will to live. Thanks to the compassionate people who support PAL’s rescue efforts, he found healing following surgery, and now he is thriving at home with Wicks, who decided to adopt the little kitten, making him her own.

Sadly, X-Force is just one of many pets at PAL in need of urgent, costly medical care.

“The medical cases we have encountered this year at PAL are among the worst we’ve ever seen,” says PAL President Amy Campanini. “In late spring, kittens started coming in with an infectious eye disease, requiring intensive specialized care. Some of the kittens made a full recovery, some were left partially blind, and others lost their sight altogether.”

These most helpless, vulnerable beings come to PAL looking for compassion. Thanks to support from kind-hearted people like you, when animals show up in a pitiful shape, we can act quickly to save them before it’s too late.

Extend a lifeline to innocent pets in need of healing by making a gift to PAL’s Urgent Medical Fund at palmettoanimalleague.org/donations/urgentmedicalfund. No gift is too small. Together, we can save lives. Together, we can give more pets like X-Force a second chance at life.   

Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League. PalmettoAnimalLeague.org