Zoe came to Palmetto Animal League heartbroken and fearful, but now loves human attention.

Sorrow, happiness, pain, healing, fear, and hope are universal experiences. After rescuing animals professionally for more than 20 years, I am certain they feel the complex emotions, both good and bad, that you and I feel.

I can’t always shield these precious, helpless creatures from the cruelties of the world, but at Palmetto Animal League, we can promise them the happy new life they deserve.

When Zoe came to PAL, I knew we had to help her heal. Zoe’s body did not bear physical wounds. Her pain ran deep within her heart and soul. You see, Zoe lost her human under tragic circumstances, and she was dealing with the immense stress and sadness that accompany the devastating death of a loved one.

“She was surrendered to Chatham County Animal Services after her young owner passed away,” said Sally Dawkins, PAL’s adoption coordinator. “The caring staff at Animal Services knew Zoe needed the kind of homelike environment we provide at PAL, so they reached out for help.”

Zoe was extremely depressed when she arrived at PAL’s no kill adoption center. We could see the despair in her eyes. She found solace in the darkest hiding spots in my office and refused to eat. In short, she was heartbroken.

Our compassionate team members talked to Zoe and encouraged her to live. Eventually, she slowly began to respond. This beautiful, timid cat had been through a lot, and it was time for her to start healing.

“Zoe came to us obese, weighing in at 20 pounds the day she arrived,” said Dawkins. “We believe she may have been stress eating for quite a while. Now that she’s on a diet program, Zoe will be able to continue her weight loss journey even after she finds her new home.” 

Once Zoe opened up, we realized how much she loves attention and being around people and other pets.

“She is a major cuddle bug,” said Zoe’s foster mom Emily Sulzer. “She’ll lay her face in your hands and let you pet her as long as you want.” 

Zoe has been through a lot, and now she needs a forever home where she can start a new chapter filled with a much different emotion – pure happiness.    

If you’d like to meet Zoe, visit the Palmetto Animal League Adoption Center, located at 56 Riverwalk Blvd in Okatie, Monday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. If you’re unable to adopt, but you’d still like to help more homeless pets like Zoe, visit PalmettoAnimalLeague.org.

Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.