Hilton Head Island is renowned for its pristine beaches, miles of dedicated pathways, and best-in-class parks.

You might have heard that this year the Town of Hilton Head Island is developing the former Planters Row Golf Course at Port Royal into a signature park and community facility.

Did you know the Town also is refreshing and redeveloping the 20-year-old Chaplin Community Park and Crossings Park? The Town has hired experienced consultant teams for these projects, and the community will soon be invited to join elected officials in deciding what these parks should look like and how they can best serve our community.

The improvements don’t stop at parks. The Town also is undertaking an ambitious Capital Improvement Program (CIP). To ensure we remain a world-class destination, we will build new pathways and repair existing pathways; improve the William Hilton Parkway and Pope Avenue streetscapes to make them safer and more beautiful; build new stormwater facilities, including a south-end pump station; replace Fire Rescue apparatus; create a new beach management plan, and prepare for another beach renourishment.

These capital projects were identified in Our Plan, the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, and in the Town’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan. They were prioritized through the work of staff, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Planning Commission, and Town Council. As part of the fiscal year 2022 budget we adopted in June, more than $28 million was included in support of capital projects to provide best-in-class facilities for residents and visitors.

The  CIP includes building and managing public assets, such as the beach and beach parks, pathways, roadways, stormwater infrastructure, and community parks. It also includes maintaining Town facilities like Town Hall, building new facilities like Fire Station No. 2 in Sea Pines, and acquiring new Fire Rescue apparatus and equipment.

This work requires a team effort. This year the Town reorganized its Infrastructure Services Department to include a Capital Projects Division. The division will be staffed with a team of dedicated project managers who will work with our consultants and our community to complete projects that meet the community’s needs and desires. The team will track and report on the status of projects so you and I know how public funds are being spent.

I hope you share my excitement as we start the planning and construction of projects that meet our best-in-class standards and our community’s needs.

John McCann is the mayor of the Town of Hilton Head Island. JohnM@hiltonheadislandsc.gov