As part of the Town’s on-going efforts to improve our infrastructure, offer increased access to the May River while protecting water quality, and provide the best services we can for our citizens, the Town has completed several Capital Improvement Program projects during the past fiscal year and is currently working on numerous projects that are underway.

Recently completed projects:

  • May River Road Streetscape Final Phase
  • Dr. Mellichamp Drive Streetscape
  • Goethe-Shults Neighborhood Sidewalks, Phase 1
  • Jason-Able Neighborhood Sewer, including individual sewer connections
  • Oyster Factory Park parking lot drainage and resurfacing
  • Garvin House interpretive signage
  • Buck Island-Simmonsville, Phase 4 Sidewalks, Lighting
  • Oscar Frazier Park Playground and Dog Park Improvements
  • Community Safety Cameras, Phase 3
  • Town Facility Improvements at Rotary Center and Watershed Management Buildings
  • Historic District Street Lighting: Lawrence Street and Bluffton Road

Other town council approved construction project activities:

On-going Construction Projects:

  • Town Hall Renovation, parking and sidewalks
  • Oyster Factory Park Improvements: Parking, drainage and boat ramp improvements
  • Goethe-Shults Neighborhood Plan and Street Lighting
  • Sewer Connections: Continue with individual septic tank abandonment and sewer connections as sewer projects are completed.

Projects anticipated to be under construction in FY 2019:

  • Buck Island-Simmonsville Sewer, Phase 5A thru 5D Sewer
  • Buck Island-Simmonsville Sewer, Phase 5E. Sewer extension to May River Road properties west of Buck Island Road. Design to begin in July 2018 with construction in 2019.
  • Calhoun Street Regional Dock and Pubic Riverfront Access Improvements: Construction is anticipated to begin in August 2018 with a January completion.
  • 68 Boundary Street Park: Engineering design underway with construction anticipated to be complete in 2019.
  • 184 Bluffton Road Parking and Housing: Demolition and Engineering design to begin in July 2018. Construction of parking improvements are planned to be completed in 2019.
  • Wright Family Park: Engineering and Landscape Design to begin in August 2018 with construction of parking area in 2019.
  • Town Facility Improvements: Continued maintenance and improvements to the Law Enforcement Center, Watershed Management, Public Works and Rotary Center.
  • Boundary Street Lighting: Design beginning July 2018 with construction in 2019.
  • Community Safety Cameras, Phase 4: Design and construction to be completed in 2019 to provide camera coverage for several areas including Town parks and schools along Buck Island Road, 8th Street, Recreation Court, and a license plate reader on May River Road.
  • Buckwalter Place Multi-County Commerce Park: Design of infrastructure is complete and construction is on-going.

The town is busy and always appreciate feedback on how we can do things better. Contact me at lsulka@townof with any suggestions.

Lisa Sulka is the mayor of the Town of Bluffton.