Many top producing real estate agents utilize social media to give their clients a real estate competitive advantage. For these agents, Facebook is one of the best social media online platforms to stay in touch with present and past clients, and to obtain new real estate clients as well.

Just as buyers search for homes online, real estate professionals use Facebook to find homebuyers. They create a Facebook landing page with content of interest and value to their followers, many of whom are, have been, or may become real estate clients or referrers of clients.

Here’s a number of effective Facebook tactics that real estate agents utilize:

  1. They have great property photos. People love appealing visuals of homes and savvy agents add compelling captions that tell and sell. They also include information and specific details that prospective buyers want to know about.
  2. They brand themselves and the homes that they are selling. Potential home sellers and buyers can really relate to agents whose style is similar to theirs and who they feel they can trust. Smart agents take advantage of the “About Me” portion of their Facebook page to honestly describe their expertise and the services that they provide.
  3. They differentiate and stand out. They are not just posting what they sell. That’s not what social media is about. Instead, they are showing passion and creativity, they are creating conversations and questions, and they are being noticed … which positions them to sell more real estate.
  4. They share good news about the real estate economy. As local real estate experts, they provide current housing market updates and valuable information for Hilton Head area homebuyers and sellers.

Our local economic real estate climate has been very positive, and a number of local agents are using Facebook to spread that positivity and increase real estate sales.

  1. They integrate Facebook into everyday business. All real estate agents have business cards. Some have ads in the yellow pages, community newspapers, or online. Others have websites with valuable information and which offer a search of all homes listed for sale.

In all their promotional efforts, agents who use Facebook effectively always include their Facebook information.

Larry Stoller is a real estate consultant and advertising executive who loves living in Bluffton and helping real estate agents and sellers get homes sold.