Collins and Morgan Richardson at Coligny Center Stage

Norris and Lois Richardson didn’t realize they were building a legacy when they came to the island in 1955 to create the Forest Beach Supermarket, now known as Piggly Wiggly in Coligny Plaza. But their grandson Collins certainly does. He has seen what his family is capable of, how his father J.R. carried Coligny into the new century and created communities like Windmill Harbor and most recently, attainable housing. 

Collins has witnessed this legacy’s construction, and what’s more, he has his own vision for moving the island forward.After a five-year successful career in Charleston, Collins and his wife Morgan knew they were going to choose Hilton Head Island to live and build a famialy. 

Collins (named for his late uncle, J.R.’s brother) has become a valuable part of The Richardson Group, which owns Coligny Plaza, Richardson Group Real Estate & Development, South Carolina Yacht Club, Local Pie and FISH Casual Coastal Seafood. 

But don’t be deceived by the family pedigree. Collins followed his own path to an economics degree at Sewanee and a spot in the highly competitive Clemson Masters in Real Estate Development program. 

Building on the generational knowledge of smart development with a talent for finance, he began his corporate career with Charleston’s family-owned Beach Company, with an focus on Kiawah River.  

And now, he brings that experience back to his Island home. “Seeing what my grandfather and my father built here, being part of that legacy, is deeply rooted in me,” Collins said. “My father saw my passion for the financial side of development and wanted modernization within The Richardson Group companies. It’s exciting to step into his 50 years of successful development and use my skill set.”