Every so often I write about products I like and might recommend their use. These might be new products on the market, or some that are old but are very useful in differing situations.

Bowls: For fast eaters, I continue to recommend a slow feed bowl. Some are metal and have a pillar-type center. Others are heavy plastic and have various maze patterns inside to stop a dog from eating too quickly.

Different patterns are better for narrow muzzled dogs rather than more square or rectangular snouts.

A slow feed bowl can help digestion by stopping vomiting and increasing digestion time. It is a healthier option if you have a dog that wolfs down his food.

Rugs: This might seem like a strange recommendation, but if you have an older dog that slips on your floors, or dogs that scratch floors, or any dog that is uncomfortable on what they perceive to be slippery floors, then read this.

I recently purchased Ruggable brand rugs for my marble floors because two of my dogs had ACL issues and had a difficult time getting up. These rugs employ a two-part system, with a lower non-slip pad and a Velcro-like top. Add to that a cover (that comes in hundreds of patterns) that you lay over the bottom.

It’s an ingenious system, but the best part is that the cover can be put in your washing machine! This is fabulous when you need to wash up after doggie accidents, and also makes it easier on your dogs’ joints.

What else is this good for? Children!

Favorite toys: I still love the Petstages Dogwood, which has a natural wood taste but is safe for your dog to chew. If your dog likes to chew on your wood furniture, this is a wonderful redirection toy. If she likes to bring in sticks from outside, this is infinitely safer.

Nerf makes a series of toys that either glow in the dark or have a battery and light inside that lights up the toy. Want to play in your yard after dark? These are for you!

Collars: There are different brands of collars that light up at night, allowing you to see your dog more easily. In addition to collars, there are also LED plastic rings that you can throw over your dog’s neck at night to see where he is. These are great for walks, yard, park or beach to keep your dog safe.

Calming aids: A new line of calming aids by NaturVet and other brands contain either hemp seed oil or CBD oil as a natural way to help relax your dog in stressful situations. These are good for anxiety, travel, weather, vet or grooming visits. I love these new natural products!

I hope you can try some of these and let me know what you think.

Abby Bird is owner of Alpha Dog Obedience Training. ajbird@hargray.com