If you think you’ve had enough presidential election campaigning and political promises, as Al Jolson said, “You ain’t heard nothing yet.”

As a matter of fact, it will only get worse (maybe better) in 2016. Perhaps now’s the time to take a break from all the speeches and debates and fast-forward to see what changes are in store for us if and when Donald Trump is elected president.

Here’s what I think could happen, real estate-wise, under a Trump administration:

  1. The White House will be expanded with a new real estate wing of deluxe hotel rooms for visiting foreign dignitaries (who will have to pay to stay there with proceeds going to the U.S. Treasury (aka UST).
  2. The first Red, White & Blue (aka RWB) Casino will be built in Washington, D.C. (will create new jobs and profits will go to the UST).
  3. Red, White & Blue residential housing developments will be incentivized to create more affordable rental and owner housing (will create new jobs and part of rental payments and-or mortgage payments will go to the UST).
  4. Red, White & Blue commercial properties will be developed as National Casinos in national parks and other (tbd) geographic areas (will create new jobs and all profits will go to the UST).
  5. Hilton Head Island and Bluffton will be the first two geographic areas (after Washington, D.C.) to obtain Nos. 2 and 3 above (not sure why, might have something to do with Trump getting 95 percent of the votes on the Island and 94 percent in Bluffton).
  6. Property tax incentives will be given to businesses that bring back meaningful manufacturing jobs to America (we’re talking about well-paying jobs for manufacturing of in-demand items).
  7. Real estate subsidies will be given to colleges and companies that create programs and projects that are designed to Make America Great Again (geared towards putting people to work, making the economy stronger and making the country better).
  8. MACICs (Model America Cities In Cities) are created in select U.S. cities to stop illegal immigration, to stop terrorist threats from within and to reverse the problems existing in some cities (immigrants will live and work in these MACICs and be on probation for a year or two before being able to apply for citizenship).

Larry Stoller is a real estate consultant, advertising executive & self-proclaimed futurist who loves living in Bluffton and helping real estate agents and sellers get homes sold.