Porcelain countertops are perfect for this Lowcountry kitchen. MIKE RITTERBECK PHOTOGRAPHY

Want to know what superior builders and interior designers in Europe and Canada have been raving about for years? It’s the luxurious look and large scale of porcelain slabs.

Porcelain is one of the fastest growing trends in home building and remodeling and now available in the Lowcountry.

Seamless porcelain slabs feature all the colors and beauty of natural stone but come with a larger scale and style for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Porcelain slabs look like granite, marble, wood, even linen … almost any other natural material you can imagine.

Local homeowners, builders, and interior designers are falling in love with large porcelain slabs for a variety of diverse construction and remodeling projects, including flooring, walls, counter tops and more. Simply put, porcelain provides a look and highly attractive characteristics that are unmatched by any other product.

One of the best attributes of porcelain is versatility; it can be used everywhere. It’s ideal for kitchens and bathrooms because of stain, heat and water resistance.

Porcelain also works well for outdoor applications. This material eliminates the worry of sun damage because it is completely UV and frost resistant and can even withstand the heat of being set on fire.

Another amazing characteristic of porcelain is that it’s nonporous, providing a safe and healthy option for food prep areas. Even better, porcelain is incredibly easy to maintain. You can use your favorite multipurpose cleaners, which is a real no-no with natural stone.

Porcelain slabs are much larger than natural stone slabs, so there are fewer joints and seams in your completed project. That’s a highly desirable feature in bathroom projects that require a spa-like finish. Large porcelain slabs on the walls, floors, showers and tubs eliminate grout seams that must be constantly scrubbed.

Because porcelain countertops are still new to the U.S., finding a fabricator that has experience with the product can prove difficult. Crafting porcelain requires a very specific skill set and high-tech tools, so it’s critically important to find a certified stone specialist when choosing porcelain for your project.

When carefully crafted and installed, porcelain countertops will add value to your home or office, while providing breathtaking beauty for a lifetime.

Find out why people are raving about this wondrous product and discover how your next home building or remodeling project can be made extraordinary with porcelain.

Brian Baltzegar is the sales manager at StoneWorks, experts  in porcelain, quartz, granite and other natural stones. hiltonheadstone.com