Playing golf is much more enjoyable when the group in front of you keeps up with the group in front of them. Nothing is more nerve-wracking then to wait on every shot during your round. Too many people are playing golf with no knowledge of golf etiquette.

In my opinion, golf should be played in two hours for 9 holes. You can play the Par 5’s in 15 minutes, the par 4’s in 14 minutes, and the Par 3’s in 10 minutes.

Please read over the following ideas that will help you play ready golf in the future:

• Warm up on the driving range before play so you are ready to hit a good tee shot on the first hole.

• Always hit your tee shot as soon as the group in front of you is clear. Let the shorter hitters in your group hit first.

• While waiting for the group in front of you, assess the distance and wind conditions, and have the club in your hands ready to go when it is your turn to hit.

• Keep your pre-shot routine to less than 20 seconds.

• Limit yourself to one practice swing.

• If playing in a cart, get out of the cart and be ready to hit your shot as soon as it clears in front of you.

• After hitting, hold clubs and replace them back in your bag when stopped on the next shot or hole.

• Always watch everyone’s ball to assist in finding it, especially in the rough.

• Hit a provisional ball any time you think you will have trouble finding your ball.

• While a player is searching for their lost ball, another player behind them can be hitting their shot as the others in the group help search for the lost ball.

• Always park the golf cart where you plan on exiting the green, preferably behind the green.

• If you bring a chipping club or bunker club to the green, place it after the shot where you plan to exit the green. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will forget this club.

• If someone is on the green and another person is in the bunker, the player on the green can go ahead and putt while their playing partner is entering the bunker.

• When on the green, read your putt prior to your turn so you will be ready to putt ASAP.

• Once on the green, the player closest to the hole should tend the flagstick or take it out if a player wants them to.

• The first person to hole out should get the flagstick and be ready to put it back in the hole after everyone putts out.

• All players should quickly exit the green and add up their scores when they reach the next hole.

The key to playing ready golf is to keep up with the group in front of you. If you incorporate these tips, you will be able to play golf faster, and enjoy the experience more.

Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at Pinecrest Golf Club.;