Warm weather calls for more time outside. Is your backyard the ultimate hangout space, or does it need an update?

Now is a great time to personalize your outdoor space and turn your yard into an oasis, entertainment hub, or activity center. Whatever you want to use your space for, here are some ways you can take your backyard to the next level with helpful high-tech devices.

If your greenery is sacred, check out smart gardening tools like a robotic lawnmower and sprinkler system.

A smart sprinkler lets you manage your sprinkler system from anywhere with a mobile app. It can cater to the specific needs of your lawn, by programming based on plant type and sun exposure.

These sprinklers can also check the weather to adjust based on the amount of precipitation. They can also help conserve water and save you money, all while keeping your lawn healthy.

If you don’t have space for an outdoor garden, a smart indoor planter helps you grow fresh greens, fruits and herbs inside. A connected planter programs lighting, nutrients, and water so that you can set it and forget it.

All you must do is insert pre-seeded biodegradable pods with smart technology, add some water, and plug in your garden – kind of like a single-serve coffee maker.

The idea for high-tech indoor planters was inspired by NASA technology that creates the perfect environment for plants to thrive inside.

Ambiance can bring any backyard to life at night. Use smart outdoor lights to illuminate your space. Specialized outdoor lights have weather-proof bulbs that are safe to use outside. You can turn them off and on and change the color using an app on your phone.

If security is a concern, secure your backyard with a keyless outdoor smart lock. You can easily control access to the lock and monitor activity from your phone using Bluetooth technology.

When adding more connected devices to your home, you’ll need the fastest internet in town to keep them running at top speed!

Lynn Hall is the general manager of Hargray.