Armando looks and feel much better after loving care at the PAL Veterinary Clinic. COURTESY PALMETTO ANIMAL LEAGUE

Sometimes with animals, looks can be very deceiving. If you had seen Armando when he first arrived at Palmetto Animal League, you probably would have thought him to be the cranky sort. As a stray cat, just trying to survive, he had likely been through any number of untold horrors, but being abandoned and alone was just one of Armando’s problems.

“He was skin and bones but sweet as can be,” said Sally Dawkins, PAL adoption specialist. “He was experiencing severe fur loss, so our team at the PAL Veterinary Clinic started helping him right away.”

When a specialized diet, weekly baths, and medication did not give him total relief, we decided it was time for 3-year-old Armando to see a dermatologist in Charleston.

“As I was waiting for them to take pictures of Armando and run some tests, I overheard everyone at the front desk loving on him and telling him how sweet he is,” recalled Dawkins.

The veterinarians at PAL will continue collaborating with the specialists in Charleston to devise a comprehensive treatment plan with one goal in mind – to make sure Armando can live his happiest life.

“He has the sweetest little meow,” Dawkins said. “And he enjoys snuggling up in a warm bed, or better yet, a warm lap. He is available for adoption and would make a wonderful companion.”

PAL rescues hundreds of cats and dogs like Armando each year, many with costly needs. Proceeds from our clinic help make this possible. As a no kill rescue, it is imperative that we establish compassionate, life-saving programs. When you bring your pet to the PAL Veterinary Clinic, you are helping us rescue more animals.

At the helm of PAL’s skilled veterinary team is Dr. Leighanne Wright. Dr. Leighanne has worked in equine and farm animal care, university-level teaching of equestrian studies, welfare of film and TV animal actors, and at a small animal wellness practice. She brings to PAL a breadth of experience and an eagerness to contribute to the well-being of the beloved pets of our clients, as well as PAL’s adoptable pets.

The PAL Vet Clinic is an accessible resource for every pet and every family, offering wellness exams, vaccines, microchipping, nail trims and more at affordable prices.

Help other abandoned, abused and neglected animals like Armando when you care for your pet at the Palmetto Animal League Veterinary Clinic in Okatie’s Riverwalk Business Park. For details on our services and to learn more about Dr. Leighanne, call 843-645-1727 or visit

Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.