Since many residents have received an unexpected gift of time at home recently, Palmetto Animal League (PAL) is hoping some will use their time to help them save lives.

“As adoptions become fewer and resources more limited, the need for fosters has become more urgent,” said PAL President Amy Campanini. “When we can move happy, healthy, awesome animals into foster homes, it opens space for us to rescue other pets in desperate need.”

Campanini says that humans can also benefit from having a pet as a companion during this difficult time.

“With everyone practicing social distancing, bringing a pet into the home can mean someone to keep you company and take your mind off things,” says Campanini. “PAL pets are ready and waiting to be your friend – and they won’t use your toilet paper.”

The animals waiting for forever homes at PAL’s no-kill Adoption Center currently need fosters, but they’re not the only pets in limbo right now. The organization is also launching a “Fosters for Health Care Workers” program and looking for temporary fosters to sign up to help.

“Our goal is to ease the burden on local health care workers with pets who may find themselves working long hours without a chance to return home,” Campanini said. “We hope there won’t be an extensive need, but should health care workers require our help, we want to be prepared.”

For more information about either program, email