Leroy Brown is one of the happiest cats at PAL shelter. COURTESY PALMETTO ANIMAL LEAGUE

With a nod to singer-songwriter Jim Croce, we could be singing “Glad, glad Leroy Brown. The gladdest man in the whole darn town.”

Don’t let the face fool you. Leroy Brown is one of the happiest cats at the Palmetto Animal League Adoption Center! This 7-year-old boy loves other cats (especially kittens) and kicks his leg like a dog when you pet him. Unfortunately, Leroy hasn’t always felt this relaxed.

“Leroy probably started life as a beloved pet but lost his way,” said PAL President Amy Campanini. “Cats like Leroy are so resilient and have a strong will to survive. They find themselves walking the neighborhoods, local businesses and anywhere they can scrounge up a meal.”

Leroy was living around town as a friendly stray, big cheeks and all, when one day, a community cat caretaker found him in bad shape. He was brought to PAL so we could treat his wounds, and that’s when we discovered what a sweetheart he is.

“Leroy is quite fond of the domestic life,” says Campanini. “He would love to find a home with a porch where he can lie in the sun all day.”

The PAL Adoption Center, tucked away in Okatie’s Riverwalk Business Park, serves as a security blanket for poor, lost souls like Leroy who can’t seem to find their way “home.” And while we give them compassionate care, we all know a shelter is not a real home.

“A safe cozy home with lots of his favorite treats is what Leroy deserves,” said Campanini.

You can change the life of a homeless pet this holiday season during Palmetto Animal League’s “Season of Second Chances.” The shelter is waiving adoption fees for cats, kittens and adult dogs Dec. 1 through Jan. 2. With more than 200 animals to spend time with, the knowledgeable staff members are dedicated to helping you find your next great love.

All pets are spayed-neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. To schedule a visit to the PAL Adoption Center, call 843-645-1725.   

Can’t adopt? You can still share holiday cheer with pets in need. PAL’s incredibly cute, animal-themed Christmas cards are the perfect last-minute gift. Make a donation and we’ll provide you with a special card to print and give as a gift. Your card will make someone’s day and help save pets in need of rescue. Visit PalmettoAnimalLeague.org and click on “Holiday Gifts” for details. 

With so many great ways to get involved this holiday season, don’t let another day pass without pitching in to help rescue more homeless pets like Leroy. These are Lives Worth Saving.

Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League. PalmettoAnimalLeague.org