Marvin Smart and his cat, Aslan, were reunited five months after Aslan disappeared from home.

At Palmetto Animal League, we match homeless pets with new families, but every now and then fate has a way of reuniting a loved one with a long-lost pet.

So, it was with Marvin Smart and his best friend. “It’s a true friendship,” said Marvin. “I take care of him and in return, he gives me loyal companionship, spending hours by my side while I play video games.” 

In the midst of a life change, unbeknownst to Marvin, Aslan had been brought back to PAL 6 years after being adopted.    

“Aslan would follow staff members around, chirping along the way,” says PAL Adoption Coordinator Sally Dawkins. “He’d play like a kitten, proving his grumpy face didn’t match his fun personality!”

Marvin was heartbroken when his beloved buddy abruptly disappeared from his life. He began searching for Aslan in June of 2021, checking the internet often. Aslan was family, and Marvin was determined to bring him home.    

“He’s a true tom cat,” said Marvin. “He’s 18 pounds of orange fur with a unique purr. He even has a mole on his lip just like me!”

On Thanksgiving Day, Marvin was working when he saw a cat that reminded him of Aslan. A few days prior, he had dreamed about his cat, so he decided to check PAL’s website one more time. Marvin was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw Aslan’s face staring back at him from the computer screen!

“I called PAL right away and told them he was my cat, and I knew it because of the mole on his lip,” said Marvin.

So, after five months of searching, Marvin left work on a holiday and rushed to reunite with his best friend.

“Aslan was near the front desk when Marvin walked in,” said Dawkins. “They instantly recognized each other and there was not a dry eye in the adoption center.”

It was the happiest moment Marvin had experienced all year. “When I walked in, everyone pointed at me and said, ‘There’s your daddy!’” Marvin even wore a sweatshirt he knew was Aslan’s favorite.

“The staff at PAL gave me great comfort, explaining how much love he had received while he was away from home,” said Marvin gratefully. 

Thanks to a little luck and a lot of determination on Marvin’s part, Aslan is now Leo Cider Smart again, starting a new year in an old home with his very favorite person.

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Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League.