Lately, more and more people are expressing a preference for using organic-based products on their hair and skin. I think this new movement plays a crucial roll in modern society.

More cosmetic companies across the board are using pure, “clean” ingredients to soothe and heal skin from environmental damage. Inhaling essential aromas helps protect the ecosystem of our bodies on a day-to-day basis.

Hair care professionals have become increasingly conscious about the salon products they use.

Besides wanting the best, healthiest hair care for their clients, they have a new awareness about product ingredients that come in contact with their hands and get flushed down the drain in the salon.

Using lavender, grapefruit, alpha hydroxy, amino acids and proteins at the molecular level provides full-out vitamins for the hair that penetrate the cuticle of the hair shaft, healing it from the inside out.

This new “go green” movement is on the rise at salons and spas all over the world.

As master stylists, my team at the salon and I like to use the best, purest ingredients to ensure maximum shine, health and manageability. And it shouldn’t stop at the end of your salon appointment. Your home hair care regimen is just as important as your skin care.

Like skin, for optimum results your hair needs an individualized wash-rinse-tone program supplemented with a mask for hydration and-or repair.

Non-greasy, oil-free products can help you achieve the runway look. Stylists can create manageable hairstyles that last, giving your hair texture, volume and movement with no weight or greasy residue left behind.

My client Melissa Wagner asked for a fun, sassy haircut. She likes to wear her hair short and textured for her everyday look. I used Kevin Murphy Hair Care products exclusively to give Melissa a fresh summer look with an easy-care regime.

She was very pleased with the final outcome. She can just run her hands through her hair to reactivate the products throughout the day, and when applying products, she can work the rest into her hands as a hydrating lotion.

Pure is the way to go.

Angela Scharver, hair artist at House of Color in the Plaza at Belfair, Bluffton, specializes in full-service hair styling.