Last month, I covered some cookbooks to help in following a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. This month, I want to expand on resources available by suggesting some online sources.

For people new to this lifestyle, I suggest starting with these websites because they provide reliable content relative to whole plant-based eating.

My favorite is Nutrition Facts at The site is a nonprofit operated by Dr. Michael Greger, who is a well-known physician, author and speaker. Everything he earns from selling books, DVDs and speaking goes to charity.

His site offers a wealth of information on just about any nutritional related topic that a person may be wondering about. And he publishes a video on a daily basis that brings his readers and viewers the latest scientific information from the world of nutrition.

I always find his daily videos to be very enlightening, and watching them is one of the highlights of my day. There is no charge for using his website or for watching his videos.

Another great resource for medical information as well as for recipes is Dr. John McDougall’s site at Under the Education tab, there are recipes, educational videos and copies of his monthly newsletter.

This is material that has been gathered by McDougall over decades of experience with whole food, plant-based eating. McDougall is one of the early pioneers of this way of eating.

Last month, I mentioned the cookbooks by Lindsay S. Nixon, also known as the Happy Herbivore. She has a website at that contains a lot of her recipes.

She is entirely plant-based and does not use any oils. Her recipes are excellent.

There are exceptional videos on YouTube as well. To find them, type into a YouTube search the term “whole food plant-based.” Or type in some names of whole food, plant-based doctors and dieticians like “Esselstyn” or “Ornish” or “Jeff Novick.”

In addition to the resources listed above, I have a blog site myself at that provides education and entertainment on following a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. I have another website where I provide the basics at

Those are just a taste of the websites that are available on the whole food, plant-based diet. There are many more. With all the resources available online, the information for staying on track is out there. You just need to use it.

Jim Smith is a local freelance writer focused on the whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.