Happy New Year Hilton Head Islanders!

As we embark on this New Year, we look forward to many new opportunities. I would especially like to highlight our new strategic action plan, which Town Council adopted last month.

This policy-driven plan speaks strongly to who we are as a community and sets the priorities we will focus on in the coming months. What I appreciate about it is the vast array of exciting initiatives that will shape our community and the commitment Town staff is making to implement them.

After Town Council approved the plan, Town staff met internally to begin working on the plan’s initiatives aimed at protecting and preserving the island’s natural environment, managing growth, developing creative revenue sources to fund delivery of services, and providing exceptional quality of life offerings in arts, culture and recreation.

This organization-wide strategic plan aligns Town projects with the core values of the Town’s 2020-2040 Comprehensive Plan: pursuit of excellence, environmental sustainability, revitalized economy, inclusive community, connected community, regional focus, right-sized infrastructure, parks and recreation, and town organization.

Among the 65 initiatives are a comprehensive beach master plan, adoption of 2020 census redistricting, an examination of island resiliency, implementation of a workforce and affordable housing strategy, execution of a $28 million dollar capital improvement program, continued advancement of the William Hilton Parkway Gateway Corridor Plan, and the creation of a growth framework for Hilton Head Island that will also include an island capacity assessment and a corresponding island-wide illustrative master plan.

We invite you to follow our progress on these initiatives. You can track the real-time status of each project on our strategic plan dashboard on the Town’s website at hiltonheadislandsc.gov/strategicplan. If you have questions or concerns about any of these initiatives, please share them with your council representative. We value your input.

John McCann is the mayor of the Town of Hilton Head Island. JohnM@hiltonheadislandsc.gov