What is the best April Fool’s joke you ever pulled? Or better, what was the best one someone pulled on you? I hope it was a good one – clever but harmless, and such fun that you had to laugh.

I love the thought of April Fool’s pranks, but I’ve never been particularly good at “getting” anyone.

This year, for example, I have spent a fair amount of time pondering how to take advantage of today’s publication date to get a laugh from readers.

I wanted my prank to be slick and clever, so that even you smarties out there wouldn’t realize until the last sentence that you’d been had. But I came up dry.

I considered announcing that we were starting yet another edition of Sun Newspapers and I would be moving to the Bahamas to be the editor of the Atlantis Sun. But the boss thought you might believe me and it would somehow cost him money.

I toyed with the idea of telling readers about the troll under the bridge to Myrtle Island, but I did that last year. (For newcomers, the story was told in a long-ago publication called The Bluffton Eccentric, instigated by my friend Grace Doughtie.)

I thought perhaps it would be fun to make up an event of mega proportions, perhaps a hoax about Will Smith and Matt Damon making a major motion picture right here in our beloved Lowcountry. But that’s been done. (“The Legend of Bagger Vance,” 2000.)

I resorted to the Internet, where I found a plethora of stupid ideas. The vast majority of ideas were dumb, but perhaps fun for children. I found ideas like scooping the creamy filling out of doughnuts and replacing it with mayonnaise; or making fake bird poop with sour cream, flour and pepper and dripping it on someone’s head; or putting food coloring in the soap dispenser at work. Then there’s the ever-popular plastic wrap over the toilet bowl.

The Huffington Post and several other sites posted images of all kinds of office pranks. How about putting a plastic liner in the boss’s desk drawer and filling it with water and goldfish? Immersing someone’s favorite stapler in a bowl of gelatin?

I thought about one of the best broadcast pranks ever, and how I could adapt it for print. Some of you will recall hearing about the “War Of the Worlds” broadcast by Orson Welles on CBS radio in 1938. He narrated a story by H.G. Wells, published in 1898, a science fiction novel about the invasion of Earth by Martians.

The broadcast was delivered in such a way that many listeners thought he was reporting current news. It happened to be the night before Halloween, which just added to the spookiness of the broadcast.

Something like that could be a cool April Fool’s prank! But too many people already know the story.

Now my space is running out and I still haven’t come up with any fun, clever jokes to pull. So maybe you should watch out for any cream-filled doughnuts that are delivered to you today. And check everything when you visit the loo.

If you think of any clever, harmless pranks, please let me know. I need to prepare for next year.