The approach of spring brings all things new: leaves borne from bare, dormant limbs, eventual flowers whose tips are just poking through the soil, extra ambition to once again hit the golf course, and enthusiastic plans for the garden.

Spring also brings a splendiferous vigor: flower beds are hoed with extra vim, golf clubs swung with more snap. All this elevated pep, zip and zing can bring with it achy joints and sore muscles.

Luckily there are natural supplements to ease possible pain from spring’s enthusiastic activities, namely Curamin and Curamed.

Curamin and Curamed are made by Terry Naturally of EuroPharma, a company out of Green Bay, Wis. Curamin and Curamed are sister products that both contain the powerful, patented curcumin (also known as turmeric) extract, BCM-95, which helps promote a healthy inflammation response, brain health and cellular and cardiovascular support.

Curamin (with the “m-i-n” at the end) has added pain relievers that work in the more immediate. DLPA (DL-phenylalanine) is an amino acid that produces “feel-good” hormones that also help reduce pain.

Other ingredients add to Curamin’s pain relieving abilities: Boswellia has been used for centuries in the Eastern Indian medicine of Ayurveda for painful, arthritic conditions, and the final ingredient, Nattokinase, offers not only relief from swollen joints, but has the bonus benefit of possible anti-clotting abilities.

Curamed is solely the curcumin extract, which by itself is a wonderful everyday supplement to keep painful inflammatory responses at bay. The BCM-95 patented turmeric extract has triumphed in many clinical trials and has been shown to provide lasting benefits.

When your spring passions call, whether to the garden or driving range, pack your turmeric products with you. You can easily find them at your local, natural supplement store.

Curamin and Curamed can help you dig that extra vegetable bed or play a Tiger Woods-style golf game with happier muscles and joints, allowing for a magnificent spring season.

Regina Cannella writes about various health issues from her home in Charleston. This article is provided in collaboration with Health Smart in Bluffton. gina@healthsmart