With all that is going on in our world, humor is certainly necessary for some of us to remain sane amidst the chaos and fear. Here are some thoughts that your dog might be having.

Some dogs: Why are you home so much? I love you, but there is too much noise and I have lost my daily routine. When can I nap? You are working and talking into a machine and not a human!

And what is with these 20 walks a day? I am exhausted. Playtime with you is great, but when can I see my dog buddies? My social life is shot!

Now that you have been confined for so long, maybe you understand why I sometimes chew up the furniture and other things. It is boring!

Mischievous dogs: By the way I just love the new chewable items you brought home for me to play with. The toilet paper and paper towels are fantastic. Can you get more?

High-energy dogs: The kids are home, which I love. When they are not working on their homework, they are running around and playing in the house and yard. When I chase them they scream and run more, so I chase them. Then I get yelled at. What gives? They are my playmates, after all.

Hey folks, how about adopting or fostering another dog for me to play with? This is a great time since you are all home. We could exhaust each other instead of you.

Other dogs: I usually go to the dog park but you tell me it is closed and so is the beach. I know you are not able to walk me very much because your knees hurt, but what am I supposed to do? So when I get barky and you get mad I don’t understand why.

Those masks and gloves you are wearing frighten me when they are on you, but I love to chew them when they are off.

Family perspective: Just how many times a day do I need to walk or play with them to keep the dogs from being obnoxious? They bother me when I am working or when the kids are doing schoolwork!

Aren’t any groomers open? The dog is filthy and stinks and really needs a haircut. I wish I could get a spa day myself. Will the groomer color and cut MY hair?

This is a great time for a family walk. We can take the dog with us for a long walk and the whole family will be tired. If we bike ride I can drop the dog off at daycare so he can play with his buddies.

Essential workers: Thankfully child and doggie daycare is still open so I can get to my job. The community needs me to go to work to care for the elderly, the sick or provide essential services.

Please remember that you have a therapist living with you and its name is “dog”! Love on your pooch and we will get through this.

Abby Bird is owner of Alphadog Training Academy. AlphadogTrainingAcademy@gmail.com