It’s time for prom, weddings and graduation, so this article is dedicated to event hairstyles and makeup.

There are so many new ideas and trends, especially from Pinterest. My personal opinion is that some are practical and others are ridiculous. They give us a challenge.

Braids of all sizes and configurations are very popular. They are attainable if you have an adequate amount and length of hair. Hairpieces can be added to enhance the style, but doing so is time consuming.

The “beachy waves” are requested constantly. People don’t realize that our beachy climate is not totally conducive to that style with all the salt and moisture in the air. Gravity, perspiration, wind, movement, etc., work against any “hair down” styles. No matter how much heat and how many products are used, it’s virtually impossible to ensure the style will stay all day and night, especially if any part of the event is held outside.

Loose up-dos are very popular, which makes me happy because I know once I put it up it won’t go anywhere. It can still be loose, with braids and controlled messiness. These up styles will be pretty much the same from the start of the event to the finish without getting stringy, wilted or frizzy.

As a stylist, I do have better tools, products, experience and skills, but the truth is we aren’t magicians, especially in our climate.

If you want to look fresh throughout the entire event, please wear your hair up. You’ll thank me later.

As far as makeup is concerned, airbrush has received a ton of hype. My feeling on the subject is that if the makeup is hand-applied properly, using the correct products, it will look better than airbrush.

Airbrush makeup is thicker and has a tendency to make you look more made up. It does stay on longer, but if you sweat or cry a lot, it will streak much more than with a hand application.

Again, it depends on the product and technician, but I think that hand-applied makeup will be sufficient to give a flawless, polished and natural outcome without looking too “done.” There are exceptions, of course.

The smoky eye has been requested frequently in the past couple of years. It’s very striking on the right person, but most women both young and older won’t be happy with it. It makes your eyes appear smaller, and perspiration and humidity can eventually give a raccoon effect, not a pretty look.

My suggestion is to play up your best feature. Bright lips are also very popular.

If eyes are your best feature, add some extra lashes and keep the eyelid pale to make eyes look larger and add a tiny bit of darker color in the crease of the eye. This will make the eyes look huge.

If you have awesome cheekbones, put some darker bronzer in the hollow below the cheekbone. The darkness will draw attention to the eye area above it.

Dark makes things recede, and light makes things expand. This rule of thumb is golden in makeup application.

Whatever the event, less is better.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.