For many, the holiday season brings entertaining. You open your home to family and friends and try to make them feel as if it’s their own.

When sharing your home with guests, make sure it is ready to entertain the masses. Here are some home technology features that can make your home merry and bright during the holidays.

Music: Every celebration calls for music. If you want an easy go-to music experience, turn your TV to a music channel and let it play while you focus on your guests.

You can also create, or find, a perfectly curated playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and stream it from your mobile device.

Show your guests how tech-savvy you are by using Amazon Alexa to skip songs and take requests. So, if someone wants to hear a certain Beatles song, say “Alexa, play ‘All You Need is Love’ by The Beatles,” and she’ll play it. To ensure your music streams smoothly from your device, you need reliable and fast Wi-Fi.

Consider that more people will be using your Wi-Fi while entertaining. The last thing you want is a slow connection due to a network that can’t support multiple devices.

Fiber to the home internet service will ensure fast speeds and support many devices. Select a provider with the fastest internet speeds available.

Television: A cherished part of the holidays is the movies families watch together every year. When everyone is home for the holidays, they’re going to want premium channels.

For a full house, multiply your viewing experience with a cable TV app that allows you to stream on multiple devices. This way, everyone can watch what they want.

Safety and security: Having guests in and out of your home can make home security a challenge. Avoid making a bunch of copies of your key or leaving a door unlocked, compromising the security of your home. Use smart locks to unlock doors from your smartphone when guests request access.

With new technology comes new criteria for preparing your home to entertain. Follow these tips to make sure your home is equipped with the latest and greatest this holiday seasonis director of marketing for Hargray.