Love the life you live – live the life you love. How do we do this?

It really is two sides of the same coin. We start by being present in this “now” moment.

It is about intention, attention and manifestation – what I call my “I Am.” We get to ask ourselves: Where are we putting our intention and attention?

And, is the resulting manifestation what we were expecting, or is it less than what we thought?

It’s all about being in principle – using the Law of Mind Action, which says, “Thoughts held in mind, manifest after their kind.”

Are we affirming what we know to be true and holding the high watch in prayer and meditation? Are we living from gratitude and counting our blessings in the now moment, or our we giving our attention to that which does not serve us?

How often do you count your blessings?

Are you appreciating all that you have and all that you are?

We are here to be grateful and love one another and before we can be there for someone else, we have to be grateful and love ourselves. We have to go within, or we will go without – without love, without peace, without joy.

Everything we need is within ourselves – our love, peace and joy.

What we believe is what we see because our perception is based upon on our projection. What do we believe? Are we mindful of our thoughts, words and actions?

Ask yourself:

• Is this thought love enhancing or love-depleting?

• Are my words love enriching or love-detracting?

• Are my actions love supporting or love-damaging?

Love the life you live by living the life you love. Thoughts, words and actions begin with you.

We always start with ourselves. Do you see the truth of what you are seeing?

Do you know that you live in the midst of God’s infinite love? God’s love is boundless. It is not possible for you to stray outside the boundaries of this boundless love. It is always and in all ways present.

We get to choose to surrender our hearts to the infinite love of God so that this love may be complete in us. God is the love that we feel now.

When we live from the place of love we become God expressing as us and through us. We must let go of fear and confusion. They are illusions and hinder love.

There is nothing you or I have ever done, ever said, or ever thought that can destroy the love God has for us. No thought, no action, no word. Nothing. God sees more in us than we can see in ourselves.

Love the life you live by living the life you love.

Rev. Therese Donlan Lee is the senior minister of Unity Spiritual Center on Hilton Head Island.